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Westview’s outreach to the wider world is done through efforts by our individual church community and our local (Plains and Peaks) presbytery as well as through several nationwide efforts of the Presbyterian Church, USA.

Mission Work Trips

Members have participated in helping with housing and property repairs after disasters such as: Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and Texas, the Joplin Tornado in Missouri, as well as clean-up locally after the Colorado Flood in 2013. These trips are arranged through the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance program. In the past, trips to help with church building and repairs in needy communities in Colorado and South Dakota have involved a number of Westview participants.

Donations collected during annual campaigns support such projects as ministries for children at risk in communities around the world as well as providing major funding for Presbyterian Disaster Assistance.

From time to time, members also initiate other efforts at the local level, depending on their passions and concerns. An Outreach committee, made up of Westview volunteers, works with individuals to help them fulfill God’s specific calling in their lives.

Ministries We Support

Jennifer Wynne, President & Founder
Changing Lenses, Changing Lives

“Changing Lenses, Changing Lives aims to ease the suffering of vulnerable children in developing countries. Vulnerable children can change their reality into their dreams. This vision will be achieved by ensuring the children have enough to eat and can attend school. They need to have access to electricity or solar lamps, so they can study at home; sanitary supplies for girls, so they can attend school regularly; and books, so they can read and learn like their wealthier counterparts.”

Click here for more information about Changing Lenses, Changing Lives.

Glennis Henry, Missionary to Tanzania
Reach Global

Glennis is serving in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, with ReachGlobal. Currently she’s filling two roles. The first is Administrative Leader for Reach Tanzania (their mission here), where she strives to keep their organization compliant with shifting Tanzanian tax and labor laws. Glennis’ passion is for the second job, which is loosely defined as consulting. In this role, she gets to train new and potential business owners on how to have a business that reflects Christ in the marketplace. She focuses on planning first, with other subjects discussed as needed by a particular group. The workshops fill a knowledge void for businesspeople in Tanzania, and are open to all, including Muslims. This work is not limited to Dar es Salaam, and has allowed Glennis to meet incredible people in other parts of Tanzania.

Click here to follow Glennis’ blog about her daily life and ministry in Tanzania.

Vander Joel Kooi, Missionary to Thailand
School of Promise

The School of Promise was planted by Joel and his team in May 2010. Its goal is to break the cycle of poverty and oppression by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and providing excellent education. Since its opening year, the School of Promise has shared the truth and love of Christ with nearly 150 students and their families. The school is open to students in grades 1-6 and provides scholarships to students who are “at-risk” for trafficking or other forms of poverty-related oppression.

Click here for more information about The School of Promise.